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Shoot, swoop, and dive through the air on this wet and wild jetpack excursion. Perform thrilling turns, soaring lifts, and dramatic dips powered by two massive jets of water. With 2 different flying options, solo or tandem, this is an ideal activity for adrenaline-seeking adults and curious kids.

qualified instructors
30 min
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Start your aquatic adventure learning fundamental controls, tips, and techniques for operating a powerful jetpack. Don your helmet—equipped with a walkie-talkie so you can talk to your instructor while flying—and jump into the water to get strapped into your wild ride.

When you’re ready, grab the controls and shoot out of the water, feeling the machine’s thrust lift your body to heights of up to 10 feet (3 m) above the water. Practice hovering and changing elevation, hone your stability skills, and work on a few basic turns while your experienced instructor offers helpful feedback through your helmet’s built-in headphones.



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