Learn how to windsurf with professional tuition and easy to sail equipment for all ages!

Take an introduction course and learn the basics in just one day or give it a few more days and start mastering the sport!
Private lesson
60 min / € 80
Private mini course
120 min / € 140
Private Beginner
300 min / € 300
Private group lesson ( up to 4 person)
60 min / € 60
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Starting out in windsurfing?
Our beginners windsurfing course will get you going in no time at all. We provide everything you need to get you up sailing around and loving it. We will even provide a wetsuit if necessary!  We use the latest wide boards and very light sails rigged on light carbon skinny masts. Our instruction will get you sailing and turning around in under 3 hours on the water!

Start using a harness and foot straps
This is the first time in windsurfing where you start to go fast. We can help you through learning to get in your harness without getting catapulted and get into the foot straps without heading into wind. Using land simulation and water coaching, we will get you planning in control in no time!

Gybe / Fast Tack
We have the perfect learning to Gybe formula that guarantees fast results. You cannot fail to learn to gybe or tack at Angulo Cabo Verde. If you are stuck getting round or trying to plane out of more gybes, then some the gybing course will help you get it sussed. Similarly, improving tacks can be done using a very straightforward formula that we can teach you.



If you are looking to nail your first downwind 360 or going for 1-handed flakas, we can help you to improve and perfect that move! Limassol bay has great freestyle conditions and our proven techniques will get you throwing your moves with style.

Wave Riding
For those who are looking to get their first bottom turn to those who want get more tweak in their aerials, we can give you the coaching you need in great spots either in Santa Maria or other locations around Sal. We use a lot of video coaching to get the best results.

Back & Forward Loops
We have a lot of experience in getting people around their first rotations and we know how scary it is… We know!! We have all been there!. We can minimize the fear of learning with some simple techniques and will get you spinning in no time with land and water based simulation and water/video coaching.


Something about our Windsurfing Rentals

  Enjoy the latest windsurf gear on the market Ready and rigged just 2-3 meters from the beach!

  With a fantastic range of the latest JP / STABOARD /    boards – including surf boards and, great rigs NEILPRYDE / SEVERNE/  75% carbon skinny masts and Streamlined products we can make sure you stay on the water all day every day.

  Our sails range from 1m2 to 7.7m2 to suit all wind strengths, sailors and abilities, including super light rigs ideal for women and children.

  To stay light on the board end, the majority of our boards come in super light Pro edition carbon technology.

  Our big range of equipment allows us to work with an open pool renting system, meaning change of boards and rig is never a problem when you would like to try something new. 

  To save your energy for the water – we work with a valet rigging service which means everything will be set up perfectly for you, each time you go on the water!